ImageMagick Engine - About

The ImageMagick Engine for WordPress improves the quality of resized images by replacing standard GD library with ImageMagick® (if your server supports it).

GD is a simple and widely supported library for PHP that is used to resize, crop, create (and so on) images on websites. But when images contain more advanced color profiles (like many photographers and proffesionals  use) GD fails to preserve this when handeling an image. Therefore we have released a plugin that makes WordPress user the much or advanced image software, ImageMagick®, when resizing images in WordPress.

Support the future of ImageMagick Engine

We want to make the most with IME and dedicate more of our time to develop some cool features that we think you might enjoy in WordPress. Some of our plans are:

  • Make the regenerating faster
  • Enable IME-options on single images (such as regenerating an image, custom cropping)
  • Enable TIFF uploading in WordPress (converts files to viewable jpg)
  • Unsharp mask (sharpening level options)
  • Make more use of the powerful image enhancing features in ImageMagick
  • And much more…!

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